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1/20 – Common Threads: Singing our Shared Humanity!

January 20, 2024

7:30 PM ET

Harvard-Epworth Church in Cambridge

1555 Massachusetts Ave

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Price: $0-$30

RSVP: Voices Rising

This season, Voices Rising presents a concert that reaches across divides and reminds us of the ways we connect with each other as humans, both here and around the world, now and in all times. The music of Common Threads speaks to our responsibility to ourselves and to each other; it celebrates our differences and our similarities, highlighting some of our basic human needs: a sense of home, belonging, and companionship. In this concert, we honor our connection with the earth and all its creatures and we revel in our capacity to grow, to change, to make mistakes, and to start again.

During these times of unrest and strife, in our community, our country and in the world around us, let Voices Rising restore your faith in our shared humanity. We look forward to welcoming you into community with us as we weave together and explore our Common Threads.