The Hineni Fellowship

Hineni is a national, one-year Jewish leadership development fellowship that educates, inspires, and empowers LGBTQ Jewish leaders to become change-makers and innovators in the Jewish community. Hineni alumni go on to seek and attain positions of engagement, impact, and influence in the Jewish community locally, nationally and globally. Through two intensive retreats, webinars, and community mentorship and engagement projects, we provide fellowship participants with the essential leadership tools, core educational competencies, and inspiration to help change the Jewish world for the better.


Rabbi Gil Steinlauf
[email protected]


Joyous Justice Collective

The Joyous Justice Collective, founded by April N. Baskin, is a Black Jewish woman-led, multiracial community-powered social justice and spiritual transformation organization that leads systemic change in areas of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), racial justice, and anti-oppressive social justice strategies in the Jewish community and beyond. The Joyous Justice Collective is currently piloting the Ko’ach Fellowship, an intersectional and liberation-focused leadership development program providing group coaching and advanced training by and for accomplished JOC leaders, and rooting them in their inherent collective power to ultimately move the Jewish community closer to its promise of justice.


April N. Baskin
[email protected]


National Office - Boston

1860 Washington St.
Newton, MA 02466
Phone: 617.524.9227

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