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Read below why Keshet’s donors are inspired to give. To view a full list of our generous supporters last year, please visit our 2023 annual report donor listing.

David Passer z”l and Marc Maxwell

Why We Give

“Keshet called to me and David because we were those ungainly teens, loved but knowing we were different. When we each came out, being gay seemed more important than being Jewish. But as young adults and as a couple, we realized that to be our whole selves, we needed to be part of the Jewish community and the gay community. Acceptance was never the goal, true belonging was. David and I were taken by how Keshet worked with Jewish institutions — synagogues, day schools, camps — so they could become a true home for LGBTQ+ Jewish young people and adults.”

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Why We Give

“Raising Is, a nonbinary trans Thai Jewish kid in Florida, has been joyful and challenging. Keshet has been a place of comfort, inspiration and safety for Is–from Shabbaton participation to team leader work. The professional, emotional and intellectual support of Keshet guides countless LGBTQ+ teens and families towards acceptance and fulfillment. We are so thankful for Keshet.”

New York, New York

Why We Give

“As a family with two dads living in Florida, finding inclusive Jewish spaces is more important than ever. Keshet is working every day to make it easier for families like ours, and we are indebted to Keshet and its staff for their advocacy and programming in our state. We have seen firsthand the impact that Keshet has made for our family, and we are proud to support their continued good work.”

Boca Raton, Florida

Why We Give

“At eleven years old, our child, who had attended URJ Camp Eisner since she was seven, formally transitioned to her affirmed name and gender. This was more than a decade ago, and it was the first time an overnight Jewish summer camp had faced such a request. Keshet worked with camp leadership to prepare a welcoming environment. Later that year, The Forward published ‘How one transgender camper helped shape the entire Reform movement.’ That camper was Hannah. Keshet made it possible.”

Hamden, Connecticut

Why We Give

“Keshet has been an important and dedicated partner in promoting equity and fostering a sense of belonging for everyone in the Jewish community, especially Jews of color who identify as LGBTQ. The Weinberg Foundation is proud to support its mission and efforts to create a more inclusive future that celebrates the rich diversity of the Jewish people.”