What is a Shabbaton?
A Shabbaton is an extended Shabbat retreat weekend, from Friday through Sunday. Keshet strives for our retreats to be restful, celebratory, exciting, and joyful. We offer multiple options for prayer and celebration of Shabbat in a warm, accessible, and inviting environment. In order to create a welcoming experience for all participants, our group spaces are Shabbat-friendly and technology-free.


Who is eligible to attend Keshet’s Shabbaton?
For many of our Shabbaton Retreats, we welcome all LGBTQ and ally Jewish teens in grades 8-12 from anywhere in the United States. Keshet’s Women and Girls Shabbaton is open to self-identified women and girls in grades 8-12. Keshet’s Trans Shabbaton is open to self-identified trans, non-binary, and/or genderqueer teens in grades 8-12. Keshet’s 18-24 Shabbaton is open to LGBTQ Jews and allies ages 18-24.


How does Keshet define ‘Jewish’?
We are a deeply diverse and pluralistic community. Our retreats include participants with a range of Jewish backgrounds: Conservative, Reform, Orthodox, and Reconstructionist. Some participants are traditionally religious, while others identify as secular or cultural. Many participants come from multifaith families. We welcome whatever flavor of Jewishness feels right for you!


Who is in charge of Keshet’s Shabbaton?
While peer-led, all of Keshet’s Shabbaton weekend gatherings are directed by Keshet staff. For more information about who will be staffing a particular Shabbaton Retreat, contact us at youth@keshetonline.org.


How much does the Shabbaton cost?
Registration is subsidized to $54.00, which includes programs, meals, lodging, and group transportation. We offer a limited number of need-based travel scholarships for airfare and registration. Partial and full travel subsidies will be available on a first come, first served basis. Contact us at youth@keshetonline.org for more information.


May participants make housing requests?
Yes! Shabbaton registration will include a space for participants to request whether they want to room with people of the same gender or no preference. In all aspects of programming and housing, we respect participants’ gender identities. Participants will also be able request if they want to room with people of similar Shabbat observances. You may request to room with a friend and we will do our best to meet housing requests, but cannot guarantee all roommate requests will be met.


What is Keshet’s approach to safety and security at a Shabbaton?
The safety and wellbeing of Shabbaton participants is our number one priority. Keshet’s staff is prepared for medical emergencies, and we work closely with personnel at retreat sites to ensure that security measures are clearly understood and consistently implemented. If you have specific questions about safety and security matters, please contact youth@keshetonline.org.


How do participants travel to the Shabbaton Retreats?
Detailed travel information will be emailed shortly after registration. Keshet provides buses from certain cities, and arranges pickups at area airports and/or train stations at designated times. Our staff coordinates travel so that everyone arrives safely at the Shabbaton Retreats! If you have specific questions about travel, please email us at youth@keshetonline.org.


What should we pack for the Shabbaton Retreat?
In addition to a great attitude and your excitement at seeing old friends and meeting new friends, there are a few things you should bring to the Shabbaton. Click here to see our packing list!


Do you have more questions?
We have more answers! Email questions to youth@keshetonline.org.


Can’t wait to see you at a Keshet Shabbaton Retreat!



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