Rebecca Ennen

June 24, 2021


Rebecca is a political communicator, strategist, organizer, and fundraiser, deeply motivated by the Jewish prophetic and halachic visions of a world of integrity and abundance.

Most recently as a Deputy Director at Jews United for Justice, Rebecca has helped build multiracial coalitions, win powerful progressive legislation and budgets, and move millions of dollars towards justice work. She has written, organized, and taught extensively about progressive politics, racism and anti-Semitism, tzedakah and middle-class philanthropy, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, interfaith families and mixed-heritage Jews, Jewish feminism, and more. She serves on the Board of Instigators of the Diverse City Fund, which funds and supports social justice efforts in Washington, DC, led by and rooted in communities of color.

Rebecca studied theater and education at Swarthmore College, marriage and family structure in Sri Lanka, and classical Jewish text at Yeshivat Hadar. She grew up in a raucous, creative, and civic-minded Jewish and Catholic family in and around Cambridge MA, and now lives with her partner and two children on Piscataway land known as Washington DC, among hundreds of thousands of other citizens taxed without representation. She loves radical Torah, dystopian science fiction, and leafy greens.


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