2023 Keshet Matching Challenge


Total raised, as of July 20

Double the value of your donation.

The Keshet Matching Challenge began during Pride month. Thank you for helping us reach our June 30 goal! We are more than halfway to the finish line.

  • Join Keshet to build a world in which all LGBTQ+ Jews and our families can live with full equality, justice, and dignity.

  • New and increased annual giving can be fully matched up to $100,000!

About the Keshet Matching Challenge:

Q: What does my Keshet Matching Challenge gift make possible?

A: Your gift makes possible Keshet’s 2023 expansion in Texas and Arizona to train Jewish institutions how to build communities of belonging and to mobilize for LGBTQ+ rights. Your donation empowers and celebrates queer and trans youth through Keshet Shabbaton weekend retreats and online programs. Your contribution strengthens Jewish life across North America. New and increased donations toward the Keshet Matching Challenge will be used to invest in Keshet’s organizational capacity and will be matched $1-for-$1, up to $100,000.

Q: What donations count toward the Keshet Matching Challenge?

A: Donation amounts made to Keshet in 2023 that exceed your 2022 total giving can count toward the Keshet Matching Challenge. Help us reach the 50% mark during Pride month by June 30! The campaign will continue until we reach our $100,000 goal to access matching funds through the OnBoard program, part of a prominent national foundation.  Note: One-time gifts made in 2022 toward Keshet’s special Dare to Dream campaign are not counted as part of your 2022 total giving baseline.

Q: Where can I find out how much I donated to Keshet’s annual campaign last year?

Thank you to our donors!

Last updated July 5th.

The below donors have generously contributed to Keshet during Pride Month 2023 or directly toward this matching challenge. Thank you! Donations by individuals listed in bold font are matched through the Keshet Matching Challenge, reflecting 2023 gifts or pledges that exceed 2022 contribution levels.

Eric Adelman

Ruth Alderson 

Jaymee Alpert

Susan Ansin

Rabbi Victor Appell and Colin Hogan

Jodi Asarch

Laurence Bailen and Jennifer Weber

Jord Barnett

Herb Baum and Dr. Kathleen Whitmire

Eve Bernfeld 

Adena Blum

Amy Born and Alex Pascal 

Evie and Peter Bramson 

Judith and Arthur Breakstone 

Alex Brenon-Hodas 

Joel Buchband 

Yechiel Buchband

Aimee Close 

Beth Cobert and Adam Cioth

Heidi Cohen 

Congregation Beth Shalom

Howard and Melissa Dakoff

Lynn Davis

Jody Dietch

Eliana Dobres

Robert and Ellen Dobrusin


Ariel Edery

Marc Ekstrand 

Nini Engel and Neil Actor


Susan Falk

Zev-Hayyim Feyer 

Renee and Steven Finn

Howard and Jody Fixler 

Flemington JCC

Deborah and Jonathan Forman

Free Synagogue of Flushing

Marion and Stanley Freedman-Gurspan


Marjorie and Leonard Freiman


Melissa and Akiva Friedman

Margaret Frisch Klein and Simon Klein

Rabbi Myron S. and Eileen Geller


Howard Fuller and Gregg Orlik 

Staci and David Gambach 

Miriam and Dov Gardin

Gillian Geller 

Marian Geller and Gina Choi 

Sarah Gill 

Amanda Gillespie

Rob Gips and Karen Harris

Denise Gold

Randy and Nancy Gorod

Rabbi Lisa and Shelley Grushcow

Bonnie Hausman

Carson and Joseph Gleberman

Jay Goldstein and Marc Matlin

Gittel R. Goodman and Nachman Goodman

Tania Gutman Gray 

Alan and Julie Gubernick

Helene Haapala and Connie Martin

Kenneth Hailpern

Larry Hanover

Jessica Harrell

Bonnie Hausman 

Alec Herberholz

Megan Henderson

Neal Hoffman and Andrew Ingall

Abby and Jeremiah Holmes

Peyton Holubeck

Erika and Jon Hornstein 

Abby Horowitz

Samara Hutman 

Laura and Scott Hyman 

Shira and Ariel Isenberg

Marvin Israelow and Dorian Goldman

Jo and Jon Ivester


Marvin Kabakoff 

Michael Kalb and Brian Heng 

Jeremy and Amy Kalmanofsky 

Shalom and Shana Kantor

Eleanor Kaplan

Talia Kaplan

Ryan Karben 

Michael Katz and family 

Henry and Laurie Kay

Maria and Steven Kessler 

Idit Klein and Jordan Namerow

Rabbis Myriam Klotz and Margot Stein

Michele Koppelman 

Chananya Kozlovsky 

Jeremy and Raya Kridel 

Ben Larrison

Melanie and Hope Levav 

Robert Levers and Peggy Levitt

Sue Levi Elwell and Nurit Shein

Marjorie Levin

Julie Levy

Yonit Levy

Aliza Libman

Aliza Lifshitz

Mamaleh’s Delicatessen 

Beth Mann 

Randall Mark

Rachel and Albert Marks

Olga Markus 

Richard and Elizabeth Mason

Sara, Gordon and Gershon Marx

Prof. Natan Meir and Chanan Van Herpen

Jules and Ruth Mermelstein

Myron Miller


Cindy and Tony Monroe


Tamara Moscoe and Eric Petersiel

Mount Zion Temple

Agi Neiger and Shu Lieber

Barbara and Paul Neustadt

Mark Nimar

George Nudell and Liba Casson-Nudell 

 Paul Peterson

Jen Phillips 

Jacob Pinnolis

Eric Pliner and Jonathan Bloom

Joel Pitkowsky

Judith Plaskow and Martha Ackelsberg

Irene and Richard Plotzker

Gayle Pomerantz

Rabbi Michael Pont 

Vivian Posen 

JoHanna Potts 

Regene and Dr. Kenneth and Jeannie Prager


Tamar Prager and Arielle Freedberg

Andrea Presberg and Jackie Miller

Peter A. Rabinowitz 

Ellen Rapkin

Alison Rollman

Tom Raffin

Alexia Ramos 

Ellen Rapkin 

Firkins Reed and Dennis Barr

Meri-Jane Rochelson and Joel Mintz

Sarah Rolle

Ari Rosen and Elaine Klein 

Navah Rosenblatt

Alissa and Danny Rozansky

Todd B. Rubin

Francesca Rubinson 

Rachel Sagaser

Ari Savitsky

Simone Schicker and Keith Eiser 

Will Schneider 

Jeffrey Schoenfeld and Matt Holbein

Solvej Schou 

Robin Septon 

Lester Shane

Rabbi Daniel Shapiro and Rabbi Max Chaiken 

Amir Shaviv and Beth Brodsky

Sara Shenker

Rabbi Judith Siegal

Mitchell Silverman

Nina Simon and Robert Rosenthal

Myrna and Len Sirowitz

Susannah Skyer

Michael Sonduck and David Zeligson

Martin Sonkin

Nancy and Norman Stoff

Nora Stolzman and Sam Trulli

Barbara Symons

Mitchell, Brenda and Ruth Tobin

Michael Tronic

Susan Tubbesing

Lisa Joy, Lisa and Alan Tuttle

Kai Wallace

Leona Wayser 

Gail Weinbrum

Penina Weinberg


Rabbi Jennifer Weiner and Jeffrey Sachs

Christopher Wetmore

David Wheaton

Mollie Witenoff

Nina Wouk and Jessie Ap’Neva 

Lori-Ann Wynter

Yahelle Yaccoby 

Rabbi Mara and Mark Young

Giselle Youngblood 

Henry and Barbara Zoob

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