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8/21 – So You Think You Know How to Greet Workshop

August 21, 2024

8:00pm ET


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As antisemitism surges, it’s more important than ever that we affirm Jews from all backgrounds; this includes LGBTQ+ identifying Jews, Jews of Color, interfaith families, people with disabilities, Jews with various body sizes, ages, ethnic backgrounds, and other often underrepresented groups. Effective greeters can create a congregational culture of inclusivity and belonging for Jews from all backgrounds who enter our doors, whether they’re members, prospective members, or visitors. Conversely, lack of a greeting, or the wrong kind of greeting, can unintentionally marginalize individuals and families and signal the exact opposite of what we are aiming to communicate. Come join us for this workshop, where we will engage in some simple education around creating an inclusive community from the very beginning.